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ZinP - Electrogalvanizing process + Powder coating

This process known as DUPLEX system (GALVANIZING + PAINTING), in our case powder painting, provides greater protection than that obtained than both treatments separately.

The paint by itself is not good enough, because of rust lifting all the paint in a short time, generating a feeling of poor quality.

COMERCIAL PROVA has developed an Electrogalvanizing process suitable for painting with a guarantee on it complying to the UNE standards for galvanizing and powder painting.

ZinP process has been developed for a long finish life, and our clients usually use it for exterior use. Polyester paint is mainly used, due to its good performance, not excluding the application of epoxy paints, and even processes with liquid paints in case of clients requirement.

By choosing zinP (Electrogalvanized + Paint), by COMERCIAL PROVA your project will achieve:

  • Greater corrosion resistance than hot dip galvanizing or painting processes on iron.
  • Savings in handling costs, transport and delivery times, thanks to same facilities application.
  • A single company responsible for the quality of the finish.
  • Very competitive price of the two processes.

We have carried out painting work on other materials, such as aluminum and steel, for the automotive sector, corporate image, construction, facade designers...

We have developed a chemical process where we give adhesion guarantees to paint on galvanized surfaces, all our works are authorized by salt spray chamber tests and perceptible adhesion tests.
We managed to solve the problem of poor adhesion that paints have on galvanized steel.

We can see that after 600 hours of Salt Spray Chamber testing, paint detachment appears on hot-dip galvanized and shot-blasted surface as a pre-treatment.

With our process we ensure that 1200 hours we do not have without any detachment.